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Roller door roll forming machine configuration and product features
Nov 10, 2018

Rolling shutter roll forming machine equipment is widely used in the production of various industrial plants, warehouses and supermarkets, shopping malls. It is mainly composed of feeding introduction platform, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc. At the same time, it can be equipped with ordinary discharging machine and hydraulic discharging machine on the basis of this, so as to meet Different production molding requirements.


In the production process, the rolling door roller forming machine is made of galvanized steel plate or color steel plate or aluminum plate of different colors as the raw material. The color steel plate rolling shutter produced by the product has the advantages of bright color, no fading and no rust, and can be widely used. In storefronts, workshops, warehouses, fire partitions, etc.


Rolling shutter roll forming machine special color steel plate width 12000mm, length up to 9m, a variety of colors to choose from. It can be installed according to the specifications, colors and requirements of customers. The layout is simple, generous, eye-catching, novel and surprising. After the judgement, 50% less than other types of roller shutters, and the huge potential of market demand is unlimited.

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