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Roof panel forming machine features
Sep 06, 2018

A roofing panel forming machine is a device used for forming roofing panels.


The main production process for roofing panels is roll forming, and there may be other forming methods. Products obtained by roll forming can be snap-fitted to improve the waterproofing effect of the roof.


The roofing panel forming machine is a roofing panel board, which can be a bite roofing panel, and has a high peak height, high strength, and safe and reliable lap joint installation. In addition, it can be installed without screw-locking. In terms of waterproof performance, it is also very good. Automated production can be achieved to increase work efficiency and reduce manual work intensity.


The structure of the roofing panel forming machine is an important part of the discharging machine, the feeding introduction platform, the forming main machine, the forming shearing device, the hydraulic station and the computer control system. The main technical parameters are installation size, number of forming channels, forming speed, roller material, cutter material, forming speed, and main engine power, sheet thickness, and sheet expansion width.

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