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Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine applications and advantages
Apr 26, 2018

The structure, workmanship, and related processes of the tube roll forming machine can effectively pass through its carding process in the process of operation, so that the configuration of the electrical hardware and the software structure of the equipment can be optimized to some extent. In this way, the production cost can be saved to a certain extent and the production quality and efficiency can be improved.

The rapid development of the iron and steel industry in China, especially the continuous increase in the production of strips, can reach 41.46%. To a certain extent, it provides sufficient raw materials for the development of new square tube roll forming machines, and the amount of sheet metal strips increases. It will certainly promote the development of the deep-processing industry.

In the application field of Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine, the advantages of its new square tube forming machine are more and more recognized by the users. To a certain extent, it belongs to the economic section high-efficiency steel, to a certain extent saves metal 15-30%, less investment, Flexible production, to meet the various requirements of users.

Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine will show its unique superiority in the development of personalized market. The change of the round pipe forming machine to the hot rolled section and other varieties has become an irresistible trend. We have repeatedly mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of square tubes and rectangular tubes. When producing thin-walled steel tubes of large-diameter steel tubes, it is necessary to pay attention to reinforcement or to steel tubes to prevent elliptic or caliber deformation of square tubes during transportation.

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