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Steel roll forming machine maintenance method and safety operation specification
May 09, 2018

Let me introduce the maintenance method and safety operation specification of the Steel roll forming machine, and hope to help you.


1,Before using the machine, be sure to check the parts of the machine for looseness. If there is a place to send, it must be tightened to avoid accidents. Check if the power supply is safe, if the bolts are tightened, and if there is organic oil in the chassis.

2, clean the rubbish around the machine, iron bars, do not put the useless things next to the machine. Check for something stuck and clean up in time

3. Regularly check the machine for abnormalities such as fever and noise every day. If any abnormality is found, it should be checked in time.

4, the machine should pay attention to moisture, try to be placed indoors. Avoid premature aging. If the anti-rust oil is applied on the roller for a long time, apply grease to the chain.

5, In the process of using the equipment, people must feed and discharge materials 5 meters away to prevent people from approaching, so as to avoid injury.

6. It is forbidden to put the hand near the cutting position during the operation of the oil pump motor, and pay attention to safety

7. Never put the hand into the test plate of the rolling shaft before the steel roll forming machine stops.

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