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Step Tile Roll Forming Machine external structure and internal parameters
Oct 09, 2018

The unique feature of the step tile forming machine is that it can realize a multi-purpose machine, and can produce a variety of colored tiles and color bricks by replacing the brick machine mold. The company can customize all kinds of brick machine molds, and only need to provide brick type and specific size to be customized.


The step tile roll forming machine is composed of the loading structure, the loading frame support, the feeding guiding device, the forming host, the punching device, the forming shearing device, the hydraulic station and the computer control cabinet. The antique glazed tile formed by the rolling die of the machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, exquisite shape and noble taste. It can be widely used in garden-style factories, tourist scenic spots, pavilions, hotels, villas, exhibition halls and resorts. , home and other buildings and outdoor decoration.


Step installation dimension of tile forming machine: 20000mm 1500mm 1400mm; equipment weight: 9000kg electronic control system adopts imported industrial computer PLC frequency conversion control; host power: 5.5KW, punching cutting power: 5.5KW, pitch can be 250mm according to need-- Arbitrary adjustment within 380mm; working speed: 2000mm/min, can meet the production of tiles under various requirements.

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