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Structural characteristics and control system of roof plate forming machine
Apr 28, 2018

The roof plate forming machine is widely used in various factories, warehouses, etc. during the process of use. Roofing of the roof plate forming machine is beautiful and durable, and the roof plate forming machine is mainly operated by the feed inlet platform. Forming host, forming shear device, hydraulic station, computer control system and other parts.

The whole unit of the roof plate forming machine adopts the automatic control system to adopt its highly integrated collection, which can make the automatic system function better. The color steel tile equipment also has operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, and the production model is easy to replace. Etc.

The components of the roof plate forming machine include: the whole machine, the hydraulic pump station system, and the automatic post-cutting system. Features of the equipment The color steel plate equipment adopts high-level automatic control software to realize production information management.

The connection of the roofing board forming machine breaks the convention of connecting the traditional roof with a screw gun, and the installation method uses the 45 degree mouthpiece bite to install, so that the waterproof effect of the roof is better. The machine adopts high-strength steel plate as the base material (anti-tensile strength 5600KG/CM) plus the most advanced design and roll forming with excellent structural characteristics.

The roof panel forming machine is mainly made of non-combustible material and the surface material and the heat-insulating material of the color composite sandwich panel, and can fully meet the fireproof specification requirements. The light weight of the composite panel, the splicing type installation and the characteristics of being able to be cut at will, determine the ease of installation, greatly improve the efficiency, and save the construction period.

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