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Structural composition and application of double-layer roll forming machine
Aug 27, 2018

The double-layer roll forming machine has a reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. In practical applications, due to its reasonable structural design, it can save a lot of space, and the machine is easy to operate and convenient to construct. The double-layer roll forming machine is mainly composed of a feeding introduction platform, a molding host, a forming shearing device, a hydraulic station and a computer control system.


For the user, in the production, the upper and lower layer conversion operation of the double roll forming machine is simple, and only the conversion button on the electric control cabinet is used for the conversion. Each layer is controlled separately, and the power can also be controlled separately by the clutch. According to different use requirements, the optional discharge machine and hydraulic discharge machine are available.


After the use of a two-layer roll forming machine, on the one hand, the production can be effectively increased, the energy consumption can be reduced, and the production efficiency of the entire system can be improved. Moreover, the working environment on the spot is improved, the harmful dust is not easily diffused, and at the same time, the noise during the operation of the double roll forming machine is small due to the almost no impact.

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