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Structural design features of Roof Panel Forming Machine
Oct 15, 2018

The front part of the frame forming machine is provided with a motor and a hydraulic oil pump for supplying oil to the hydraulic motor of the straight forming portion and the bent portion forming portion; and the front end of the straight forming portion provided on the frame is provided with a feeding guide and 13 pairs of forming Roll; straight angle and straight cut at the tail.


The curved plate forming part provided on the roof panel forming machine frame is composed of a guide wheel, a side roll roll set and a bottom side roll roll set, and adopts a sprocket and a gear transmission, so that the device can be more convenient to carry and move, only 380V power supply is needed. It can be installed on site and is suitable for the forming of long-span metal arch corrugated roof panels.


The roof panel forming machine includes various types of roof panel presses, wall panel presses, and inner liner presses. The whole machine is composed of charging system, guiding feeding system, forming system, shearing system, finished material handling, hydraulic system and electrical control system. It is widely used in various industrial plants, housing, warehouse roof and wall making and beautiful. Generous and durable.

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