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Structural features and economic benefits of garage door roll forming machine
Dec 05, 2018

The garage door roll forming machine comprises a bracket provided with a conveying device for conveying the advancement of the door roller and a punching device, a rolling forming device and a sawing device arranged in sequence along the conveying direction of the conveying device; Control the punching timing of the punching device and the control device of the sawing timing of the sawing device.

In general, the garage door roll forming machine is mainly composed of a plurality of pressure roller units arranged horizontally in the forward direction and a pressure roller motor for driving the rotation of each pressure roller unit. The pressure roller unit comprises a pressure roller bracket and is arranged at a pressure. An upper pressing roller in the roller bracket and a lower pressing roller disposed under the upper pressing roller form a rolling shutter vane forming passage between the upper pressing roller and the lower pressing roller.

Compared with the cutting and grinding process, the production process of the garage door roll forming machine not only has high production efficiency and material saving, but also has high strength and stable quality to a certain extent. This process is particularly suitable for the process. The processing of workpieces with long and short machining difficulties, especially for products with an annual output of millions of large quantities, is most advantageous with the roll forming process, and the economic benefits are also the most impressive. 

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