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Structural features of PLC control door frame roll forming machine
Nov 30, 2018

PLC control door frame roll forming machine adopts plc control, the equipment is mainly composed of automatic discharging machine, guiding frame, leveling/feeding part, continuous punching part, forming part, cut-off part, receiving table and electrical control cabinet, etc.  PLC control door frame roll forming machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, safe and reliable, short production process and wide application.

The structural characteristics of the PLC control door frame roll forming machine:

1. The leveling roller parts are specially tempered and chrome-plated, and the mechanical properties such as rigidity and surface roughness are greatly improved;

2. It consists of a pinch roller and a leveling roller, and the clamp The feeding roller can be adjusted separately, the upper roller of the leveling adopts the whole structure, and two adjustment points are arranged at the front and the back to form a certain inclination angle, which is convenient for improving the leveling quality;

3. The feeding end of the leveling machine has a pair of guiding flat rollers and two For the guiding vertical roller, the guiding vertical roller can move in the center and move at the same time;

4. The hand wheel is adjusted, with scale, convenient for centering.

During the use of the PLC to control the door frame roll forming machine, the user is provided with a material feeding bridge device before and after the leveling machine. A live photoelectric signal is set between the leveling machine and the feeder, and a feedback signal is sent to the control system, and the control system issues a command to the variable frequency motor to change the volume of the material in the storage area to achieve the purpose of uninterrupted leveling.

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