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Technical advantages of glazed tile roll forming machine
Oct 13, 2018

The glazed brick roll forming machine adopts the sixth generation hydraulic technology to specially process low-cost raw materials such as cement and sand, and manufactures various kinds of colored tile professional tile-making equipment through glazed tile roll forming machine molding/hydraulic method. According to the different products and work properties, the equipment is divided into different types such as roll forming, extrusion forming and compression molding. It is fully automatic CNC, fool-like operation, simple and easy.


The glazed brick roll forming machine is multi-purpose, the tile mode is fast, the fool operation, low power consumption, and CNC molding.

Unique design, multi-functional hydraulic forming, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, filling the domestic blank; high density, high strength, variety, replacement mold can produce a variety of boutique tiles, is concrete The fine products in the products.


The glazed brick roll forming machine adopts imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid and gas, integrated control and automatic control. The traditional "molding sleeve" of the traditional molding machine is positioned as the "four-bar" precision positioning, the performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable, and the productivity and yield are higher, exceeding the level of similar foreign products. Compared with ordinary molding and forming units, the glazed brick roll forming machine has high technical content, high speed, high output, high product efficiency and good market prospect.

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