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Technical characteristics of garage door forming machine
Aug 17, 2018

In modern society, cars have already entered the daily lives of many families. For the safety of the car, having a good garage door is what most families expect. At the same time, the application of the garage door forming machine is more and more extensive, and the main purpose is to adopt the folding forming technology, and the overall size can be moved according to the required size, and the use is simple and convenient.


For different types of garage door use requirements, we can choose the right garage door forming machine. For example, various rotation modes of various rollers can be used to roll out the required shape, and in particular, the width can be adjusted in the range of 430 to 550 mm, and the length is not limited.


For the user, the technical level of the garage door forming machine is getting higher and higher, not only technically strong, but also reasonable in structure, small in size and light in weight, and the processed door panel is accurate in size, and the front and rear panels are closely matched. For example, the popular garage door in the market can also be installed with anti-theft and security systems to protect the safety of personal and vehicle access and protect the door.

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