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Technical presentation of floor deck forming machine and human resources savings
May 02, 2018

In the process of operating the floor deck forming machine, its features mainly include the installation and installation of the storage space and the upper and lower baffles disposed above and below the installation rack, and the floor deck forming machine is set. More than one pressure plate between the upper baffle plate and the lower baffle plate, an outlet gas pipe connected with the platen and containing hot gas, and a steam pipe connected with the gas outlet pipe.

Technical introduction of floor deck forming machine

The floor deck forming machine is mainly manufactured by manually bonding the deck when it is manufactured, since the bonding process is performed manually. This will lead to high labor costs, low production efficiency, and low yields of bonded products.

The floor deck forming machine is a kind of forehead equipment with low cost and high efficiency, and a floorboard deck molding machine with a high yield to a certain extent. The present technology adopts the following technical solutions: a mounting frame provided with an accommodating space, an upper baffle and a lower baffle arranged above and below the mounting frame in the accommodating space, and an arrangement between the upper baffle and the lower baffle , more than one platen, and an outlet pipe with hot air connected to the platen, and a steam pipe connected to the outlet pipe.

The upper and lower baffles of the floor deck forming machine are arranged opposite to and above the mounting frame, and a space is provided between the upper baffle and the lower baffle. The further press plate includes an upper press plate and a lower press plate that are pressed against each other. The deck forming machine of the present technology completes the bonding process on the molding machine, has little manual intervention in the process, saves manpower resources, greatly improves work efficiency and yield, and saves labor costs.

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