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The advantages of the Steel Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine and its products
Nov 13, 2018

The steel rolling shutter roll forming machine is a device for rapidly producing the rolling shutter panel. It is faster than the ordinary rolling door machine. The steel rolling gate produced by this equipment is mainly used for quick isolation to ensure the air quality of the workshop. Dust level, with insulation, cold, insect, wind, dust, sound, fire, odor, lighting and many other functions.


The steel roller gate forming machine adopts imported high-precision PLC computer centralized programming control system, variable frequency speed regulating motor high-speed hydraulic automatic cutting device, servo tracking and cutting, and the molded product is stable in size. At the same time, you can also choose the online stamping system, safe and efficient, synchronous stamping and cutting, one-time completion of the product.


The steel roll gate forming machine is equipped with a dripper at the same time as rolling the plate, so that the produced plate can be rusted for a long time, and only need to wipe the oil on the plate after use, the plate will not rust. . And its roller is made of high-precision CNC lathe. The die wheel is quenched and heat treated, with high hardness, no deformation and long service life. The rolled plate is beautiful outside and easy to install.


Roller shutters produced by steel roller gate forming machines are widely used in various places such as medicine, food, electronics, chemistry, cigarettes, printing, textiles, supermarkets, precision machinery, logistics and warehousing, and regional isolation of clean industrial plants, and It has the advantages of energy saving, high-speed automatic shutdown, improved work efficiency, and better working environment.

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