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The characteristics and operating points of Color steel roof forming machine
Jun 29, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the pressure plate produced by roll forming of a color steel roof forming machine looks not only generous and beautiful, but also has a novel style. The product has a smooth appearance with uniform ripples, high utilization rate and high strength. For users, Caigang roof tile manufacturing machine has a higher level of automation, low production costs and durability.


Color steel roof forming machine adopts an electronic control system with text screen display, which is convenient for user operation and maintenance. The finished products of this equipment are widely used in industrial and civil buildings, warehouses and special buildings, large-span steel structures, roofs, walls, and interior and exterior wall decorations. With light weight, high strength, rich color, easy and quick construction, seismic, fire, rain, long life, maintenance-free and so on.


It should be noted that when operating the color steel roof tile forming machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions around the control system, including the hopper, the discharge port, and so on. According to the quality of the finished product, the equipment is adjusted properly and the production record is made. After the end of production, the color steel forming machine should be shut down in a timely manner and checked and cleaned to facilitate its continued use.

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