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The cold bending steel in China has been restricted by the low output of the plate and strip in history
Mar 15, 2018

Now people are demanding more and more about the material, shape and size of the product. Therefore, the company engaged in the cold bending machine is to dial silk to cocoon only some of the remaining industry elite and large enterprises survive. The diversification of products also leads to the diversification of materials. And the cold bending mechanical equipment is a special material based equipment. Don't want other industries to belong to general equipment. Small businesses can only do more varieties than fine. And big enterprises can do fine, do strong. Facts also prove that the most personalized customer needs, in order to go more distant.

China's cold bending equipment manufacturing started late in the 80 's to get a faster development. Generally speaking, cold bending profile production of private enterprises more, small and dispersed, cold bending profiles of less varieties. Cold bending equipment in the early days to introduce foreign equipment mainly, after the development of domestic technical personnel to increase year by hour. In the past a long time in China in the cold bending equipment technology and manufacturing have no great breakthrough, the reason is that the production experience is not rich enough. However, with the rapid development of time and technology, many engineering software has been developed, and the cold bending equipment has a new development direction in the aspect of material forming.

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