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The concept of roller shutter door forming machine and the method of roll uncoupling
Nov 07, 2018

The automatic roller door forming machine is a machine for continuously performing plastic bending processing of a specific section profile by continuously arranging a metal sheet strip such as a coil material or a strip by a multi-pass molding roll which is sequentially arranged. The products it produces are widely used in the door and window industry, steel structure industry, vehicle industry, decoration and decoration materials industry, transportation industry and various engineering applications.


In order to unravel the roll of the automatic rolling door forming machine, firstly, the neutral layer of the deformation zone is calculated accurately, the material used in the deformation zone is calculated accurately, and the symmetry of the roller processing is good; at the same time, the non-deformed area is as free as possible, and the upper and lower rollers are assembled during assembly. The gap remains the same.


Secondly, before the material of the automatic rolling door forming machine is bitten, the guiding oblique opening should be set according to the rolling state of the front road, and the material slides smoothly in the rolling before the pressure is stabilized. In addition, the problem of bending and twisting in production must be avoided. Such problems are often caused by unbalanced forces. The left and right forces are unbalanced, the left and right are bent, the upper and lower forces are unbalanced, and distortion occurs. The effective solution is to design the force. Balanced, accurate machining and easy installation and adjustment.


In addition, the automatic rolling door forming machine should adopt roller cone bearing to ensure that the radial runout of the main shaft is within 0.04MM, ensuring that the main shaft will not move left and right, and the ordinary ball bearing itself has a gap. Axial turbulence cannot be avoided in the drive.

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