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The development foreground of the domestic cold bending machinery at present
Mar 15, 2018

The cold bending machine also has the operation, the maintenance, the color steel presses the tile machine equipment to adopt the high level automatic control software, realizes the production information management, the entire unit Automation control system uses the high integrated network, causes the automation system performance to be superior. Cold bending machinery market in the next 5 years or even longer period of time, building materials will be higher than the national economic development rate of 5%-6% rapid growth, to 2014 industrial output is expected to reach more than 10 trillion yuan, become an important growth point of the national economy, China's cold bending machinery market will have unlimited broad market prospects. With the rapid development of our country's economy and society, the demand of the cold bending machinery market in our country is increasing every year. With the state of the cold bending machinery market further norms, the cold bending machinery market will have a huge development space.

Cold bending machinery industry This flagging phenomenon has continued to the beginning of the reform and opening up, and later in the vigorous form of reform and opening up, gradually on the steel varieties and quality improvement, cold bending machine product production began to have further development. In 1989, China has more than 20 manufacturers, production reached 300,000 tons, even the specifications have more than 800 kinds. With the development of science and technology, cold bending machine is also continuous progress, according to the latest adjustment results show that so far has more than 100 sets of cold bending units, production has been 1.5 million tons, and specifications are more than 1000 kinds. Whether in the production efficiency or in the improvement of product quality has been a great improvement, will also be in the future to the road farther and further.

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