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The development of the cold bending industry
Mar 15, 2018

Improvement of technical equipment level

In recent years, the domestic cold bending industry technology and equipment levels continue to improve, the enterprises combined with their own factory situation, through the independent research and development or the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, so that their equipment level rising, continuous improvement of production technology, technical ability to improve, prompting a number of high-speed mill development, large-scale, cost-effective Intensification is being carried out gradually, thus achieving the goal of efficient production of high-quality products. Note: The current cold bending steel accounted for 1 of the total steel. 8%, 5 years later accounted for 2. 2%, average annual growth rate of 13.

Establishment of industry research platform

The great development of the domestic cold bending industry, it is urgent to strengthen the research on the basic theory of cold-formed steel to adapt to the continuous development of production practice, and provide theoretical guidance for production practice. In this situation, some domestic enterprises have concentrated the advantages of enterprise resources, set up their own research platform, using their own experience accumulation, focusing on the research of cold bending forming theory and the development of profiled complex section steel, in order to obtain in the fierce market competition.

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