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The main production process of glazed tile roll forming machine
Aug 31, 2018

In the production process of glazed tiles, it is necessary to go through many processes in succession, and the drying kiln (forming stage) is a key process. In this production process, a glazed tile roll forming machine is required. In the molding process, the finished powder is fed into the distributor of the press through a conveyor belt, and the distributor discharges the powder into the mold, and the press presses to form a green body.


That is to say, in the processing of the glazed tile roll forming machine, the green body obtained after the forming stage of the press has a specification, and the mold of different specifications is pressed out of the brick of different specifications, but the green body at this time It still carries 5% of water. Therefore, it is necessary to further process in the drying kiln to increase its strength and hardness to prevent breakage.


At this time, the drying process is mainly performed to obtain a qualified product that meets the standard. After the glazed tile roll forming machine is fired, the quality of the finished product should be checked. Usually after the molding, it is also necessary to carry out glazing-printing-storage-glaze kiln firing-selection-packaging-into the storage (selection stage)-factory operation.

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