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The operation requirements and utilization rate of roofing sheet forming machine
Jul 17, 2018

In the process of operation of the roofing sheet forming machine, the main feature is to install the motor, the hydraulic oil pump in the front part of the rack, and supply the oil to the hydraulic motor of the straight forming part and the bent part forming part. The roof forming machine is on the rack. The front end of the straight forming portion is provided with a feeding guide plate and 13 pairs of forming rolls, a straight plate pressing angle and a straight plate cutter at the tail portion, a bent plate forming portion provided on the frame, a guide wheel, a side roll group, The bottom roller group is composed of a sprocket and a gear transmission.


The roofing sheet forming machine is easy to carry and move to a certain extent. It only needs 380V power supply during operation, and is generally installed on site for use. The equipment can be used for forming large-span metal arch corrugated roof panels.


The roll-formed profiled sheet of the roofing panel forming machine has a sole and elegant surface, is beautiful and novel, and has a flat appearance. The ripple is uniform during the use, the utilization rate is high, the strength is high, the production automation degree is high, and the cost is high. Low cost and durable.

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