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The process and work efficiency of the rainwater downspout roll forming machine
Jan 24, 2019

The material of the rainwater downspout roll forming machine is made of iron, aluminum or copper.

The main shapes are: round, square, rectangular, semi-circular, etc., the above shape of the molding equipment.

The rainwater downspout roll forming machine is fully automatic computer control, automatic processing and production, with raw material unwinding machine, placing raw materials into the machine feeding port, the machine drives the plate to automatically roll, after multi-track processing, after the completion of the computer, the computer automatically controls the cutting, measuring The size is accurate, the flying saw is cut off, and it is easy to maintain.

Process flow of rainwater downspout roll forming machine

Unwinding - Guided Feeding - Roll Forming - Fixed Cut - Feeding Board

Main structural features and structural composition of rainwater downspout roll forming machine

1. The structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, the frame adopts H-shaped steel welding base, wall panel structure, high overall strength, and is suitable for high-strength load.

2. Other important components of the equipment, the components are used in well-known domestic enterprises, and the performance of the equipment is effectively guaranteed.

3. It adopts fully automatic fixed length forming punching and flying saw cutting, precise positioning and positioning, and the shape of the head and tail is beautiful and tidy without deformation.

4. The equipment is easy to install and debug, suitable for factory production.

5. The equipment has low noise and high work efficiency.

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