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The requirements and overall design of the garage door roll forming machine before operation
Jan 10, 2019

The garage door roll forming machine has an advanced transmission system and overall design when it is used. Its equipment integrates the hydraulic system and the motor into the main unit to maximize the space saving of the equipment and improve the convenience and safety of the equipment. The electrical components of the equipment are all well-known brands to ensure the good working performance of the equipment.

Operating requirements for garage door roll forming machine

1. Digest the pattern data and check the transfer record. Wipe the device and lubricate it as required. Check that the handle position and manual operation are correct and flexible, and that the safety device is reliable. Check whether the transmission is normal at low speed and whether the lubrication and cooling are smooth.

2. Pay attention to the operation sound of the equipment, the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, and safety of the equipment.

3. Turn off the switch and put all the handles to the zero position. Remove iron filings, dirt, and clean the oil on the rail and sliding surfaces of the equipment and refuel. Clean the workplace, organize attachments and tools. Fill in the shift record and the record of the operation desk, and go through the handover procedure.

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