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The Structure and Rational Design of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine
Mar 26, 2018

In the course of operation, the Double Layer Roll Forming Machine mainly utilizes the thrust of the screw to inject plastics that have been plasticized in a molten state (Sticky flow state) into a closed mold cavity, and is cured. The process of obtaining the product after shaping.

Structure of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

1. In the process of production, the double roll forming machine mainly adopts the host computer chip of imported PLC, which will effectively match the liquid crystal display to a certain extent. Its software backup fault self-diagnosis system and error correction function make the operation more convenient. Its control program is designed in a fool-like manner and can be operated without professional training.

2. The double-layer roller molding machine is fully hydraulically driven, and it has the first domestic stepless hydraulic frequency modulation technology. Solve the molding machine's adaptability to various materials and blocks, improve the compactness of the material and shorten the molding cycle.

The double layer roll forming machine adopts rational design. The suction box, forming and back cover are automatically processed at one go. The performance of the machine is precise and durable, the operation process is vibration-free, the operation is stable, and the service life is long.

This machine adopts PLC man-machine interface display screen control, high performance, high speed and high efficiency.

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