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The technical characteristics and durability of the double layer roll forming machine for roof panel
Jan 24, 2019

The double layer roll forming machine for roof panel is widely used in various industrial plants, houses, warehouses and simple steel shed roofing, and is beautiful and durable. The machine is mainly composed of feeding introduction platform, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station and computer control system. The optional equipment includes a common discharge machine, a hydraulic discharge machine, and an automatic feeder.

The double layer roll forming machine for roof panel is made of aluminum alloy or copper or color steel plate when it is made. The material of the roll is alloy steel quenching wheel. When the operation is carried out, the driving wheel material is alloy steel quenching wheel, chain drive, the whole equipment. The main frame is a welded frame, and the control device is: start, stop, jog, automatic, forward, reverse.

Technical characteristics of double layer roll forming machine for roof panel

1. It can produce roof panels of any width between 320-680mm.

2. Easy to adjust, switch between different width roof panels production in 5 minutes.

3. It can produce roof panels with different sheet thicknesses.

4. Unique feeding port manual trimming design, no dust, no noise, no oil, no flash.

5. Easy to use The optimal control design allows experienced people to use the machine in a short time.

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