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The use, characteristics and process flow of Roof Double Layer Roll Forming Machine
May 30, 2018

The Roof Double Layer Roll Forming Machine has a simple structure, is generous in appearance, economical and practical. The whole machine of the equipment is made of steel structure and processed after welding. Therefore, the structure design is simple and reasonable, the work ability is strong, and the operation is stable and reliable. Under normal operating conditions, the noise of the double roof panel forming machine is low and the production efficiency is significantly improved.


In comparison, the double-deck roofing machine has advantages in structure, which can save space, and the double-layer cost is much lower than that of two single-layer machines, and thus it is favored by many users. In simple terms, the device is based on the latest two-tier design, one machine for two purposes, small footprint, convenient transportation and cost savings. At the same time can be customized according to the requirements of different users, and provide guidance, production and installation and commissioning and maintenance services.


The main features of Roof Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

1. The equipment has a high level of automation and is easy to operate. Because it uses a high level of automatic control software, it realizes the production of information management.

2. The entire unit automation control system adopts a highly integrated network to make the performance of the automation system superior.

3, the color steel tile equipment also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, easy mold replacement.


The main purpose of double deck roofing machine:

Analysis of the current application situation, the application of this device is very extensive, the areas involved are: steel frame structure, single-sided steel plate steel structure plant, multi-span steel structure workshop, wooden beam plant, villa type The color steel plate office house is connected to the color steel plate roof, the roof of the building, the large-span factory building and the light steel structure ring shed.


Roof Double Layer Roll Forming Machine production process:

According to the analysis of its working conditions, the production process of the machine can be summarized as follows: open frame → feed guiding → cold forming → hydraulic cutting → receiving table → PLC control system.


In general, products made with double deck roofing machines are more integrated and stiffer. Moreover, the double-decked roof molding machine itself has better stability, durability, and more accurate product accuracy.

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