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Transmission method and cold forging process of tile roll forming machine
Aug 15, 2018

The tile roll forming machine belongs to the sheet metal processing equipment to a certain extent. The frame is fixed with a linear rolling guide. The fixing block is fixed on the slider of the linear rolling guide. When the operation is performed, the rolling guide and the rolling screw are mainly parallel. Mounted on the frame, the shaft is mounted on the fixed block, and the nut on the rolling screw is mounted with the fixed block.

The tile roll forming machine effectively replaces the original ordinary lead screw transmission by using the rolling screw drive. In operation, its rolling guide effectively replaces the original sliding guide, which will be greatly improved to some extent. The gap error in the transmission of the existing roll forming machine is reduced, so that the positioning accuracy of the fixed mold axis can be effectively improved, the adjustment precision and the positioning precision are high, and the processing quality of the product is improved.

Compared with the cutting process, the ceramic tile forming machine not only has high production efficiency and saves materials, but also has stable quality and high strength when used. This process is especially suitable for processing workpieces with long and short machining difficulties. Especially for the annual production of millions of large quantities of products.

The tile roll forming machine is a cold forging process. There are many materials that can be rolled and formed during the operation. The low carbon steel is a commonly used material for roll forming during operation. Generally, the non-ferrous metal will be used. More suitable for roll forming.

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