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Use and maintenance of rolling door roll forming machine
Aug 22, 2018

When using the rolling door roll forming machine, pay attention to the maintenance of the parts. There are several points that are most important to pay attention to. What are the problems? After the purchase of the roller shutter machine, the corresponding inspection and testing are required, and a trial run is required to ensure normal operation.


I believe that in the process of purchasing the rolling door roll forming machine, we are interested in its price and installation. Whether the installation is reasonable or not will be related to the normal use in the later period. First we need to weld the joints and flanges to the tubes. Connect the main unit to the motor. The connected coil rods are placed neatly from the middle to the two sides, and the reverse switch and the power source are connected to perform the test machine.


During the first power transmission operation, you should pay attention to check whether the rolling effect of the rolling door roll forming machine is neat. If it is not neat, it should be re-adjusted until the volume is in a straight line. Before the first use, inject a proper amount of lubricating oil into the machine body for maintenance. During installation or use, always check whether the screws on the main unit and each joint are loose, whether the welding is broken or not.

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