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What are the performance characteristics of the highway guardrail roll forming machine?
Sep 12, 2018

The highway guardrail roll forming machine has a high level of automation in actual production, and the process is smooth, with unwinding, leveling, automatic length cutting, punching, cutting, and cold forming in one line. The finished product has the advantages of good impact resistance, low cost, long life, higher safety, environmental protection and easy installation.


In the highway guardrail roll forming machine, the forming mainframe is the main component, and the forming mainframe usually adopts an independent open arch structure, the roller diameter is φ80, the material is 40Cr, and the quenching and tempering treatment is adopted. Host power 45KW, frequency control, with ZQ650 reducer, speed ratio 31.5, five-type assembly.


In the production of highway guardrail roll forming machine, it also includes important components such as receiving racks, control systems and forming dies. The control system is controlled by PLC electrical equipment. The manual and automatic control modes can be used during the user's operation to ensure the coordination of the various components of the entire production line, and some of the set parameters can be adjusted and modified according to the production requirements.

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