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What mechanisms and technical parameters are included in the metal roof roll forming machine?
Oct 24, 2018

The metal roofing roll forming machine mainly comprises a bending mechanism, a fixing frame and a control mechanism, and two fixing frames are respectively disposed on both sides of the bending mechanism; the bending mechanism comprises an arc surface and can be connected along the fixing frame. The vertical direction moves up and down and moves horizontally along the line of the fixed frame; the control mechanism includes an input end and an output end, the input end is connected with a plurality of position sensors, and the output end is connected with the bending mechanism.


The metal roofing roll forming machine effectively solves the problems of low molding efficiency and low precision, so that the metal sheet forming process is simple, convenient, safe and reliable, ensuring production safety and precision quality, economical and reasonable, and advanced technology. Compared with the ordinary bending technology process, it is safer, more convenient and more economical.


In addition to the quality of the metal roofing roll forming machine itself, its technical parameters can not be ignored. First of all, the metal roofing roll forming machine should have suitable materials, usually color steel plates or galvanized sheets, and the thickness of raw materials is 0.4 ~ 0.7 mm, material yield strength: 235 MPa, 345 MPa


The forming speed of metal roofing roll forming machine is about 15 m/min, the main motor power is 5.5 kW, the hydraulic station power is 2.2 kW; the metal roofing roll forming machine has the highest carrying capacity of unwinding: 5000 kg; its control system is imported PLC and frequency conversion. Device.

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