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Characteristics Of Design And Manufacture Of Cold Roll Forming Machine Equipment
Mar 15, 2018

1, the track arc is the core part of the slide, the first several press formed after the arc bit, in the back of the rolling edge, should be formed by the circular arc, through the upper and lower rolls or transverse round, effective tube bundle protection, otherwise, the material in the tensile process of the arc will change, R becomes small triangle, the ball is not exactly, two points of contact to produce noise, When R becomes larger, the coordinate rails produce shaking, the track is blurred when used, the force is uneven, the slide rail is deformed and the life is shortened.

2, the average force principle of each road, the entire roller average force, wear balance, prolong the service life of the roller.

3, rolling stability problems, often encountered in the production of the material in the raceway around the problem, is actually a single group of rollers by asymmetry, left by the force, the material to the right side pendulum, the right force, the material to the left side.

4, roll using C12mov material is the use of its wear-resistant properties, but the specific strength and hardness is contradictory, heat treatment to use C12mov red rigid, quenching, two times or even three times to achieve hardness.