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China's Machine Tool Market Will Become The Focus Of The World
Mar 15, 2018

According to the machine tool industry insiders said: from the association in the preparation of CIMT2009 process collected in more than 20 countries and regions of machine tool market materials, the World machine tool market situation can be said to be a downhill.

The impact of the financial crisis has not yet bottomed out, if China has suffered a great impact, Europe and the United States and Japan and other markets are obviously more serious impact than we, foreign manufacturing enterprises in the production of a large number of failures or even a lot, in this state they pay more attention to the Chinese market, even the Chinese machine tool market as the only hope. While the Chinese market is shrinking, it is a relatively prosperous market in the world.

This is also the current international market, a prominent feature: The international famous multinational companies are invariably focused on the Chinese market, which undoubtedly makes the Chinese market more intense competition, to domestic enterprises to bring greater competition pressure. In addition, the investment of foreign enterprises at the present stage is very cautious, for example, in the past they planned to establish wholly owned or joint ventures in China and are now on hold; Another important feature is that some powerful multinationals are more focused on new products and technology development than ever before in order to compete for new markets, as well as technical reserves for the future.

The world's focus on China's machine tool market is also reflected in the enthusiasm of foreign machine tool companies for CIMT2009: In spite of the situation, most foreign-owned enterprises are fully participating in China's International Machine Tool exhibition-many of which have canceled this year's Milan Emo show, They really have a lot of hope for the Chinese market.

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