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How To Install The Use Of Solid Wood Embossing Machine
Mar 15, 2018

The bottom foot of the embossing machine has four bolt holes, and when the equipment is placed, use the expansion screws to fix the bottom foot.

Equipment factory before the reducer, lubrication points have been added lubricants, lubricants and so on. Users in daily use in accordance with the provisions of normal maintenance can be.

The lubrication fluid is added to the specific operation in the following ways: Open the large shell, the reducer oil injection hole and vent hole open, add 32nd gear oil, pay attention to observe the reducer side of the observation mouth, when the oil level to the observation mouth to stop refueling (winter temperature is low, lubricating oil viscosity large, refueling process time long).

The unloading port is below the observation port. When the oil change first open the vent cap, and then open the oil discharge screw, pay attention to the screws when the fast unloading time to slow down, to prevent oil spatter to the body.

Embossing machine and power wiring should be firmly secure, grounding wire should be firmly connected to the wiring box in the grounding of the column, and the body shell has a good grounding, electric control line should be installed with the selected motor matching overload protection devices.

Turn on the power supply and start the roller to check that the rotation direction is correct. Special attention should be paid to the wiring should be the start of the test to prevent the smouldering motor.

No-load and full load commissioning, the embossing machine smooth operation, no obvious periodic noise, no leakage of lubricating oil phenomenon.

Embossing machine after the first refueling should be idle for a moment, to run normally before feeding. Long-term parking after the use should also be idle for a moment to run the normal rear can be feeding.

The release of materials should be slow and uniform to avoid impact load.

In the production process, should try to avoid frequent start and overload operation, embossing machine in case of failure, should immediately power off check, to be excluded.