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Roof Panel Forming Machine Demand Focus
May 07, 2018

The roof panel  forming machine adopts the most advanced all-digital computer detection method to produce first-class grids and light steel structures and equipment. From the perspective of market share, the domestic share has finally accounted for over 50% of the Chinese tile press market share, reaching 57.4%, which was the first breakthrough since 2001. In the future, the space for China's machine tool substitution import is still very large. From the perspective of specific products, the import and export deficit of lathes with large market capacity in tile presses is not large.


The demand for roof panel  forming machine is mainly concentrated on high-end products such as medium and large-sized and heavy-duty machines. Although the import volume and import amount of China's metal processing and cutting decreased in 2007, the growth rate of processing centers and milling machines is still positive, indicating that the demand for high-end machine tools in China is still very strong. In order to meet the needs of the market, the ability of R&D and innovation of China's machine tool companies has been greatly improved, the product structure has been further optimized, and the market competitiveness has been further improved.


The roof panel forming machine equipment adopts high-level automatic control software to realize the production information management. The entire unit automatic control system uses a highly integrated network, which makes the automation system performance superior, and the color steel tile equipment also has the operation, maintenance, color steel roof panel forming machine adopts high-level automatic control software to realize production information management.


The whole unit automatic control system adopts a highly integrated network, which makes the performance of the automation system more superior. The roof panel forming machine also has operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, die replacement and other advantages.